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Bento Highlights - Highlight every milestone with style | Product Hunt

Highlight Every Milestone with Style

Design beautiful visuals that reflect your brand's progress and captivate your target audience.

Bento grid generator example image

How it works

Simple and Powerful Bento Highlights Generator, fully customizable and surprisingly easy to use.

  1. Enter your achieved milestones
  2. Customize the grid to your liking
  3. Download an image / Copy grid code
  4. Share on Social Media / Embed on website
Bento grid generator example image

Grid Examples

Grid example 1
Grid example 3
Grid example 5
Grid example 7
Grid example 8
Grid example 2
Grid example 4
Grid example 6
Grid example 9

Simple pricing

Pro Tier

Lifetime membership

Get access to Bento Highlights Pro features for life and create even better looking visuals for promoting your milestones.

What's included

  • Export Bento Highlights image without watermark
  • Bento Highlights code for your website
  • Access to Custom Colors
  • Access to creating Custom Gradients

Pay once, own it forever


Get access

Invoices and receipts available for easy company reimbursement